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Connecticut Criminal Defense

Our relentless commitment to protecting your freedom and reputation sets us apart. When your future is on the line, choose us to provide the expert legal counsel and unwavering support you need to navigate the legal system successfully.

Connecticut Criminal Defense Attorney Kevin Smith

Cases We Handle

  • Violent Crimes

  • Sex Crimes

  • Drug Crimes

  • DUI Defense

  • DMV Hearings

  • Gun Charges

  • Internet Crimes

  • Illegal Search & Seizure

  • Misdemeanors

New Haven Criminal Defense & Civil Rights Attorney

When you’re confronted with legal challenges related to violent crimes or sex offenses in Connecticut, Kevin Smith Attorney at Law is your dedicated advocate for unwavering criminal defense representation. With years of specialized experience in defending clients facing charges ranging from violent crimes such as assault and homicide to sex offenses like sexual assault and child pornography, our legal team possesses the expertise needed to ensure your rights are protected.

At Kevin Smith Attorney at Law, we prioritize your peace of mind during what can be an emotionally challenging and uncertain time. We provide personalized, attentive legal counsel and unwavering support, so you can confront these serious charges with confidence. Whether you’re facing allegations for a violent crime or a sex offense, trust Kevin Smith Attorney at Law to be your steadfast partner, fighting for your rights and working tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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