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The repercussions of a license suspension, often a consequence of an OUI/DUI administrative hearing, are far-reaching. Beyond the apparent loss of driving privileges, the chain reaction it ignites can be overwhelming. The inability to commute can jeopardize your employment, which can subsequently compromise your financial security, affecting your capability to cover essentials like rent. In such critical junctures, it’s paramount to have seasoned legal counsel on your side.

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At the law office of Kevin Smith, located in New Haven, Connecticut, our core expertise lies in criminal defense. Entrusting us with your case means harnessing the cumulative experience of handling countless similar cases. Our commitment is steadfast — we will make every effort to preserve your driving privileges.

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The Dual-Faceted Nature of OUI Cases in Connecticut An OUI charge in Connecticut sets two distinct processes in motion:

  • Criminal Proceedings: This unfolds in the courthouse, and the outcomes can have criminal repercussions.
  • DMV Administrative Hearing: Parallel to the criminal case, this proceeding at the DMV deals directly with the fate of your driving license — whether it remains valid, is suspended, or gets revoked.

Post your arrest, unless contested successfully, a suspended license typically becomes effective after thirty days. Fortunately, you have the right to legal representation during these hearings to challenge the evidence presented against you. Leveraging an attorney who is adept at handling such hearings can tilt the scales in your favor. Drawing from my extensive track record of defending clients at Connecticut DMV hearings, I offer my expertise to aid your defense.

Defending Your Driving Privileges in New Haven

Entrust your OUI/DUI defense to someone with intimate familiarity with the intricacies of these cases. To initiate a consultation and explore your best legal avenues, contact my office either online or by phoning 855-PLD-THE5. Your right to mobility is invaluable; let’s work together to defend it.

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