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In the digital age, being accused of possessing illicit material on your device can feel like an inescapable trap. However, with the right legal counsel, it’s possible to present your perspective and combat the allegations. Let’s work together to address your case.

I’m a dedicated criminal defense attorney based in New Haven, committed to helping individuals navigate the complexities of internet-related offenses. My primary goal is to reduce the potential ramifications of criminal charges for those I represent.

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Communicate with Caution

Before discussing your situation with law enforcement, it’s crucial to remember that their primary objective is to collect information to bolster their case. It’s imperative to consult a seasoned attorney before considering any discussions with the police. Should you need guidance, reach out to a New Haven Internet crime attorney at 203-980-7559.

Handling a Spectrum of Internet Crimes I offer representation for a broad array of Internet crimes, including:

  • Risk of Injury to a Minor: This charge often arises when an individual is suspected of jeopardizing a minor under 16’s well-being or morality. Law enforcement frequently employs tactics such as posing as a minor online. If you face this charge, it’s vital to secure legal representation to safeguard your rights.
  • Child Pornography Possession: Allegations of possessing explicit content involving minors carry severe consequences. I am well-versed in presenting a robust defense for such cases.
  • Identity Theft: This domain is rife with potential misunderstandings. Instances like forgotten permissions for credit card usage or genuine misinterpretations are not uncommon.

The Role of an Attorney in Internet Crimes

When confronted with Internet-related allegations, securing expert legal assistance is paramount. My approach entails enlisting specialists to extract forensic evidence from computers, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of the case. Based on the findings, a tailored defense strategy is formulated to contest the charges.

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The evolving realm of Internet crimes necessitates an attorney with a firm grasp of its nuances. With extensive experience in this specialized field, I am equipped to guide you. To discuss your case, contact my office online or call 855-PLD-THE5 for a complimentary initial phone consultation.

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