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What are Felonies?

Felonies, in general terms, are Crimes that carry a year or more in potential prison sentences that can be imposed as the result of a Conviction. Felonies also generally carry Higher Fines and Greater Periods of Probation than similar Misdemeanors. More specific information about Felonies can be found by reading on, or we are always happy to take your call and provide a free, confidential consultation by phone.

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If you or a loved one find yourselves being investigated or arrested for a Felony in Connecticut, you are no doubt scared and full of questions. At Kevin Smith, Attorney at Law LLC, our team stands ready to speak with you and answer those questions.

What You Should Know About And What You Can Expect In A Connecticut Felony Case

Felony charges are considered the most serious of all criminal charges.

In Connecticut, Felony charges can carry Lengthy Prison Sentences, Expensive Fines, Years of Probation, and Collateral Consequences such as Loss of Voting Rights and Registration with the State Police. Even if you avoid prison time, a Felony conviction can cast a long shadow on your record, affecting employment opportunities and other facets of life. The right attorney is crucial to help navigate this legal maze.

My office is centrally located in New Haven on the Historic New Haven Green, and caters to clients across Connecticut. I have represented Clients on Felony charges at all stages of the Legal Process: from the Investigation before an Arrest, to the Arraignment and Pretrial stages, all the way through Trial and, when necessary, on Appeal before the State Appellate and Supreme Courts.

My commitment lies in aggressive representation and personalized service, ensuring that Criminal Defense remains at the forefront of my focus.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a Felony in the greater New Haven area or anywhere in Connecticut, my firm can help you fight the case.

How Felony Cases Work In Connecticut

Though no two cases are identical and every Connecticut Criminal case will proceed differently on an individual basis, there are certain procedures and phases common to all Connecticut Criminal cases that you or a loved one charged with a Felony can expect to encounter. Proceedings and phases you can generally expect in Connecticut Felony cases include:

Pre-Arrest Investigation

Investigations in Connecticut Felony cases take place before an Arrest; may be conducted by local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies; and may also include Grand Jury proceedings. These investigations often involve the execution of search warrants, interviews with witnesses, and collection of evidence from the scene or suspects.

What Rights Do I Have During a Connecticut Felony Investigation?

If you or a loved one find yourself the target of a Connecticut Felony investigation, you have:

Remember: law enforcement agents are not required to be truthful with suspects, and what you say to law enforcement CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU.

Your best defense against mistakenly forfeiting your rights is to retain counsel as soon as you or a loved one learns that you are the target or a suspect in a Connecticut Felony case.

Our Connecticut Felony attorneys can then:

  • shield you or your loved one from direct interaction with law enforcement
  • ensure that all communications with law enforcement are protected
  • establish contact with law enforcement investigators and put them on notice that you are invoking both your right to an attorney and your right to remain silent.

If the Connecticut Felony investigation leads to an arrest, our attorneys can also arrange for you or your loved one to be able to turn yourself in once a warrant issues, rather than being surprised at work or your home by arresting officers.

Can An Arrest Be Prevented In A Connecticut Felony Investigation?

In some cases, our attorneys can prevent an arrest of you or a loved one in a Connecticut Felony investigation. In these instances, we may be able to provide law enforcement with evidence that demonstrates your innocence, or evidence that undermines the credibility of evidence already in their possession.

Each case, however, is different, and the best way to determine if a Connecticut Felony arrest can be prevented is to contact one of our attorneys for a free consultation as soon as you become aware that you or a loved one are the target of–or a suspect in– a Connecticut Felony Larceny investigation.


In some cases, an Arrest cannot be prevented in a Connecticut Felony case. In these cases, law enforcement officers will either make an on site arrest, or else they will apply for and be granted an Arrest Warrant. The Arrest Warrant may be the result of the Connecticut Felony investigation conducted by law enforcement agencies, or a Grand Jury indictment following a Grand Jury investigation.

Once an Arrest Warrant issues, the subject of the Arrest Warrant will either be involuntarily taken into custody by law enforcement, or allowed to turn him or herself in voluntarily.

If you or a loved one find yourself the subject of an Arrest Warrant in a Connecticut Felony case, our Connecticut Felony attorneys can arrange for a voluntary turn in, and allow you to make the necessary preparations rather than being blindsided at your home or business by arresting officers. Our Connecticut Felony attorneys can also discuss with you the options for posting bail or remaining in custody.


Arraignment is the formal name used for the first Court appearance before a judge by a Defendant in a Connecticut Felony case. Once a person has been arrested and arraigned in Court, they are known as a Defendant.

At arraignment, the State’s Attorney will generally read the charges against the Defendant, make an argument regarding the Defendant’s bail and conditions of release, and provide some initial disclosures of the evidence against the Defendant. Arraignment is also the Defendant’s first opportunity in a Connecticut Felony case to plead not guilty, make arguments regarding bail and conditions of release, and make formal discovery requests for evidence.

Our Connecticut Felony attorneys will represent you or your loved one at Arraignment by gathering evidence to support arguments for a reasonable bail and conditions of release, and to support your plea of not guilty. Our attorneys will also make discovery requests in order to ensure that all evidence the State’s Attorney intends to use in its case is disclosed to the defense.


Once a Defendant has been arraigned in a Connecticut Felony case, they will then enter the Pre-Trial phase of the case.

During the Pre-Trial phase of a Connecticut Felony case, the Defendant and his or her attorney will generally be required to make a Court appearance once a month, though in some instances the time between Court appearances may be longer or shorter.

At these Pre-Trial Court appearances, the Defendant’s attorney and the State’s Attorney will discuss the case, exchange evidence, and raise any legal issues with a judge. Negotiations to resolve the case, often called “Plea Negotiations” or “Plea Bargaining”, also take place during the Pre-Trial phase. Although there is no set time limit for the Pre-Trial phase of a Connecticut Felony case, it typically lasts for as long as 12-18 months.

At Kevin Smith, Attorney at Law LLC, our Connecticut Felony attorneys will represent you or a loved one during all aspects of the Pre-Trial phase by reviewing evidence with you, conveying to you all negotiations with the State’s Attorney, and protecting your right to plead not guilty and preserve your innocence throughout the process.


A Defendant in a Connecticut Criminal case is entitled to Plead Not Guilty and demand a Trial, either by a Judge or a Jury. At a Trial in a Connecticut Felony case, the State’s Attorney will be required to prove the Defendant guilty by a burden of proof known as proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. In order to do so, the State’s Attorney will have to prove each Essential Element of the crime of Felony Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

Charged with a Felony?

From robust defenses against Homicide allegations to strategies for Larceny and Drug cases, my expertise encompasses a wide range of Felonies, including:

In areas such as Hartford and New Haven, Felonies bear significant consequences. Potential repercussions encompass acquiring a criminal record, hefty fines, and in some instances, incarceration. With the gravity and lasting impact of these consequences, it’s imperative to have an attorney who will fervently champion your rights in the legal arena.

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